Catopian-Greelian Republic
Catopian Greelian Republic Flag
Flag of the Catopian-Greelian Republic
Nova system
Nova System. Catopia, Nova Mondial, and Ganymede are all CGR planets.
Democracy, Freedom and Truth
National Info
Player Mihndar
Leader President Mor (Greelian)
Capital Lunaris, Catopia
Government Republic with the inclusion of public referenda.
Location Nova and Firan Systems, Ganymede, Nova Mondial, and Catopia in Nova System, colony on Oona in the Firan System.
Factsheet Info
Area Three planets, five moons, one extrasolar colony.
Maritime_Claims N/A
Terrain Ganymede: Uninhabitably hot w/o tech, Nova Mondial: temperate, Catopia: Mostly tundra or taiga.
Climate N/A
Natural_Resources Various minerals, mostly uranium, oil, natural gas and coal deposits.
Natural_Hazards Extreme cold and extreme heat on two worlds.
Population 23.3 billion, as of January 1st, 2094
Major_Cities Lunaris, Lakeside, Gren, Solaris, Catyo, Caturna, Merythrope, Prospo
Nationality Catopian, Greelian
Religion 85% Athiest, 9% Agnostic, 6% Wigglyite