Solar Catopian Empire
Flag of the Catopian Empire
Nova system
Nova System
Si vis pacem, para bellum.
Last, yet First
National Info
Player Mihndar
Leader Rajah family (Last: Emperor Rajah XIII)
Capital Lunaris, Catopia
Government Constitutional hereditary monarchy.
Location Nova System, the planets of Catopia and Nova Mondial.
Factsheet Info
Area Two planets, five moons.
Maritime_Claims All.
Terrain Varies from arctic tundra to temperate plains.
Climate Catopia is very cold, and Nova Mondial is about Earth-temperature.
Natural_Resources Lots of fossil fuels, uranium,
Natural_Hazards Cold.
Population Peak: 30 billion Catopians, Last: 22 billion.
Major_Cities Lunaris, Lakeside, New Catyo, Gren, Solaris, Sciencat.
Nationality Catopian
Religion 83% Athiest, 16% Agnostic, 1% Wigglyite.

The Solar Catopian Empire was a state that existed from the year 26 CE to 2080 CE. It comprised the entirety of the Catopian species for the vast majority of its tenure. It expanded from a small village on the surface of Nova Mondial to a stellar hyperpower with two planets and five moons, and extrasolar colonies near the end of its life. It was effectively an autocratic dictatorship of the Rajah family, though it resembled a constitutional hereditary monarchy with the current Rajah as emperor. The Solar Catopian Empire was effectively the expression of the basic Catopian attributes manipulated and soured by the emperors to devastating effect. At its peak, the Catopian Empire was a hyperpower, capable of subjugating every other known race several times over. After the Great Interstellar War, the thirteenth Emperor, Rajah, took what remained of the Catopian fleet and flew to the Mihndar System, where they believed the Hive came from. In the meantime, a provisional government was established, which became unbearably severe on the Catopian people, leading to revolution. The Solar Catopian Empire was toppled, but in the process five billion Catopians were killed by a nuclear strike ordered by the provisional government, and after the destruction of its government, it splintered into three Catopian factions: the Catopian-Greelian Republic, the United Catopian Socialist Planets, and the modern Catopian Empire.