Tandelorian TBS (tandelorian battle suits)

A picture of Tandelorian Batle suits I

Tandelorian TBS I (Tandelorian Battle suit) Was the first attempt of Tandelorians to create power armour as they encountered fight against the Toka. The main flaw of this armor was it extreme need of cooling seeing a veyr exposed area at their back.

Later Came the TBS II to bring improvement upon this new technology.

Almsot all Tandelorian Technology is powered by energy graded Icore. Even the TBS suits.

It was usefull for the time. However it was never used in real war. Sine Improvement was needed quickly and hard. Also notable helpfull in stoping citizens. But Later used by the Tandelorian Union to build a power base some years afther the destruction of the Toka when the Talon Imperial union was formed.