The Tandelorian TBS II (Tandelorian Battle suit II). Is noiw the main used power armor by the Tandelorian forces. For Now. It is better , stronger , better refined , main weaknesses removed. An Ilgath soldier fighting in a suit like this very dangerous. Yet not as advanced as other races. These are made with the Help of Tulium wich is an metal that is very strong.

It is also powered by icore but much more refined. It can wistand radiation and normale weapon fire and can wistand on averege scale of their technology lazers and explosions. They were used by fighting the Toka Mutant Rebellion. They proved usefull against the Toka Mutants yet they still took heavy loses. Thnaks due to Catopian incursion the Tandelorian forces weren't slaugthered.

Only the Imperial union army and High Nobles with much wealth have acces to these power armor suits.

These suits are build byTandelorianworkers and speciale worker robots. Unlike most races The Tandelorians used the advanced technology not ot copy but to make themself .Almost all Tandelorian technology are designes made by technologies they developed themself inpalce of just taking over compenants of other races. Causing the technology no to be very advanced. Yet unique and harder to counter than other technology.