(this was of the old nestonia, So this information in reality doesn't exist anymore)

The Atruth were one of the bloodlines that formed the initial creation of the Imperium.

There isn't any information from before the Empire.

Together with the Sarguthar Bloodline. They Formed the Ilgath Imperium. They were Originaly ruled by Leto of Atruth but they were defeated and made a bloodpledge to Uproth I. They were defeated because of inferior numbers and they didin't have the technology Uproth I tribe had.

Yet they were able to learn the technology of their conquers quickly. His sun Prifit IV took over after Leto died. The Tribe also led the foundations of the Golden Ilgath. Many of the surviving warriors were recruitedd into the Golden Ilgath.

Now the tribe recovers and prepares to make an mighty Ilgath Empire.