The Golden Ilgath

"The gods shake in fear when the Golden Ilgath's approach." Quote from Prifit IV of Atruth

(this was of the old nestonia, So this information in reality doesn't exist anymore)

The Golden Ilgath. Are Originaly buildt from the Sarguthar bloodline and the Atruth Bloodline.

They were created by imperial decree. They assembeld the best warriors of these bloodlines.

They would train untill they could become no better. Than they would use the Ilgath breedding technick to make from these warriors new warriors. When it was inferior it was directly destroyed. But if it was bigger , stronger than it would become the new one to breed. This is part of the Ilgath breeding program to breed Super warriors.

They live in the imperial build city of Tiki'Riki. They are sworn on their entire bloodline to follow the emperor whereever he may go. To protect him , to serve him , to Benefit him. For the Ilgath Empire.

They would be the emperors private army. Uproth I renamed himself Uproth I of Golden Ilgath. Moving his own Imperial throne to Tiki'Riki. His sun(heir) however Uproth II of Sarguthar did see the benefit of the Golden Ilgath but he stayed Loyal to their original bloodline. The Golden Ilgath have their name from the gold they sometimes find in a river. So the Golden Ilgath generals never turned back to pillage and attack enemies for the precious gold.