(this was from the old rp , so this does not exist anymore)

The Ilgath Empire is an empire founded
640px-Imperrial Flag

Flag just after the creation of the Empire.

by Uproth I. He and his bloodline were able to overthrow the Atruth. He had a dream to Unite all Ilgath so he created the Ilgahth Imperium.

This empire consisted original of the Villages Ukrath and Uprith.

Later on Imperial Decree the village Tiki'Riki. This would be the home of the Golden Ilgath. In the reign of Uproth I

Their biggest Enemies were the Psioni. They were an race that had setteled on Hunting ground of the Sarguthar Bloodline. The Ilgath were able to get the knowledge of fire of the creatures.

There have been several battles. Best known was the First mass attack on the Psioni village. Uproth and 40 warriors led an attack on them. This was ofcourse before the Imperrium was created. There were several smaller incursions. Mostly leading to Ilgath victory.

Many Technilogical progress was made. They invented fire, stone tools and began learning writing and an Ilgath

Later the Golden Ilgath: an personal army of the best Ilgath in the empire under the emperors control. They were used to keep the emperor in control.