Imperial Seal

(this was of the old nestonia, So this information in reality doesn't exist anymore)

The Sarguthar Bloodline was one of the 2 founding villages of the Ilgath Empire.

But the big difference was that they had forced the otherr bloodline to surrender to them. They did this led by Emperor Uproth I. They were the center of power during the Reign of Uproth I.

Uproth did stay in the Village of Ukrath. The Capital of the Sarguthar Bloodline. But the Emperor betrayed them in an traditional way because he created a knew bloodlinethe Golden Ilgath. They were the best trained , equiped and strongest warriors of the Ilgath Empire. The Emperor renamed him Uproth I of Golden Ilgath.

His Younger sun Uproth II kept the name Uproth II of Sarguthar. Many warriors of the Sarguthar Bloodline tribe did became the first Golden Ilgath troopers.

They are in the reign of Uproth I still an strong bloodline. They are ready to conquer and defend the empire!